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(Yoga Therapy is an ancient healing methodology which have been evaluated by evidence based modern research tools focusing on management of the cause and not just the symptom of disease for effective cure)

Union Yoga Ayurveda a Yoga Therapy Training institution at east coast Singapore is a centre for Higher Learning in Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda Therapy & Holistic Sciences. The centre is affiliated to Paramhansa Samsthana one of the leading holistic health and research centers in India and is also registered in Yoga Alliance as a RYS-200. The center conducts a wide range of Yoga in east coast Singapore programs to impart the knowledge of yoga therapy.

Ayurveda Training- Yoga Therapy & Consultation

Yoga is more than an ordinary exercise for fitness. It is five thousand years old healing method of bringing about a balance in the body and mind. Union Yoga Ayurveda takes the Yoga therapy training in Singapore to the next level by focusing on therapy based Yoga, Ayurveda and holistic treatments. Interestingly, yoga therapy provides holistic treatment to combat a broad range of diseases such as respiratory issues, neurological issues, menstrual problems, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart diseases and much more.

The ultimate aim of yoga is to let you live healthy, peaceful and calm life. In order to live disease free life, it is essential to learn therapeutic yoga. Yoga therapy course has now established as discipline in itself. More and more health practitioners are following yoga therapy in conjunction with other methods for healing the diseased and helping people to live disease free life.

Union Yoga Ayurveda conducts therapeutic Yoga in east coast Singapore courses to prepare yoga therapist for healing the diseased by the means of ancient science of Yoga. The courses also cover interrelated branches like Ayurveda Training and natural sciences.

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Pre Conception Detox by Yoga Ayurveda


Before you have planned a baby, did you tried to know that the menstrual bed made for the baby for rest and nourish for 40-42 weeks is stronger enough or not? Did you tried to detox you body and uterus from toxins before you plan for a baby?

After the baby is formed, do you know what are the natural ways to allow your baby to get better organ development.

Yoga Therapy Training Yoga Instructor teacher Training

Dr Satyam at UNION is going to talk all about Yoga-Ayurveda way of planning a baby (Preconception detox) and regime, diet, yoga and herbs as per trimesters of Pregnancy. 

Venue- UNION Yoga Ayurveda Clinic
Date- First weekend of every month (Sat-Sun)
Time- 9am to 12noon
Normal Fee- $80 per person / $100 per couple
Early Bird (Before 15days from the date of commencement of Course)- $65 per person / $80 per couple

Yoga Teacher Traning / Yoga Instructor Course 200/300hrs

Yoga Therapy Training Yoga Instructor teacher Training

Weekdays Dates- May 25th, June 15th, July 20th, Aug 24th, Sept 28th, Oct 5th, Nov 9th, Dec 7th 2015 and Jan 4th 2016

Yoga Therapy Training Yoga Instructor teacher Training

Weekend Dates- May 2nd, June 6th, July 4th, Aug 8th, Sept 5th, Oct 10th, Nov 7th, Dec 12th  2015 and Jan 9th 2016

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  • Thankyou Dr. Satyam for the interesting information shared on how yoga can help in the treatment of various disease.

    Student- Certificate in Yoga Therapy
  • Thankyou Dr. Satyam. Very Interesting Talk.I enjoyed and gain new knowledge about cancer and how yoga effects the cancer cause.

    Student- Certificate in Yoga Therapy
  • Present Knowledge in simple way which is easy to understand.Very good speaker lively, clear and friendly.

    Student- Certificate in Yoga Therapy
  • Thankyou! Doctor for sharing Ayurveda research with us, and he has explained it in a simple way that a layman can understand and can relate too.

    Student- Certificate in Yoga Therapy

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