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MARIAUnion Yoga Ayurveda, Singapore (“UYA”) has definitely made this entire process an enjoyable one. Dr Satyam Tripathi and his staff at UYA are extremely knowledgeable, patient, caring and most importantly, they make sure that everyone in class goes back home understanding what they have learnt that day. To me, that’s what makes a great instructor. At UYA, the school gives equal importance to performing and understanding Asanas, Kriyas, Pranayama and Meditation. As students, we are also exposed to Ayurveda practices and therapies that Dr Satyam performs on his clients and patients. He patiently explains the process of how the Ayurveda therapy combined with Yoga practices would help the patient. Moreover, Dr Satyam also encourages us to give classes to his clients so that we are able to get the adequate amount of experience. All these opportunities that I’ve received over the past 6 months is something I would not get if I were to be enrolled in other Yoga schools. Therefore, I am grateful to have been a student of Dr Satyam and UYA.

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