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AMBER GOH., RYT-500, CYT-500

AMBER GOH., RYT-500, CYT-500

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Amber is passionate about sharing the physical and mental health benefits that yoga can bring to people and spreading the yoga inspired lifestyle and its’ positive influence on fulfilling life.

Ever since Amber started practicing yoga more in depth, she realized that yoga is not a competition with others, but it is a competition within oneself. It is through practice, hard work, patience and most importantly, the ‘can-do’ attitude that help one grow and become a better yoga practitioner.

She is a certified yoga teacher RYT-500 and has been teaching yoga for over 4 years in New Zealand and Singapore. She has received training from various places like New Zealand (Iyengar yoga), India (Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga) and Singapore (Hatha yoga). Amber is also a Certified Yoga Therapist (CYT-500) providing yoga therapeutic techniques to patients suffer from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, spondylosis, digestive disorder etc.

Working on patients suffering from various ailments made her understand that diseases are basically the stages of our body which somewhere is linked with energy level, mental and psychological level of a person. She has been working on patients suffering from various psychosomatic ailments for more than 300hrs and about 30 patients including short term and long term. In addition, she is a trainer for yoga instructor course with Union Yoga Ayurveda, Singapore

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