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Phang Juan Juan Felina., RYT-200

Phang Juan Juan Felina., RYT-200

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Resembling “a message in a bottle” adrift in an ocean. Felina was once perturbed by a period of self-doubt, disappointments and imbalance. Life was like a bitter pill. Fast forwarding several years to date, she embraces Yoga wholeheartedly, sharing simple Yoga philosophies and practices with anyone who is willing to listen – off and on the mat.
Felina teaches the classical Yoga, Hatha yoga with suitable variations to her students, encourages them to engage mind body and soul development. She blends grace and stubbornness in her asana practice hoping to let her students achieve balance in daily life. She is most approachable.

Felina is Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) from Yoga Alliance, USA and Indian Institute of Patanjali Yoga. She has given her yoga classes to more than 100 students and has been te faculty of Yoga Tearcher Training (YTT) for training new Yoga Teachers in UNION YOGA School and has been training more than 10 yoga teacher training students for certification. She has been the corporate yoga teacher under the umbrella of UNION YOGA for companies such as; Shell Petroleum, Rentokil initials Pte Ltd and Ngee Ann Polytechnic etc. Starting yoga from the mat and should be continued throughout the day is the aim and objective of Felina.



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