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Gwendolyn Wenli

Gwendolyn Wenli

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Founder and director,

Wabi-sabi Yoga and Natural therapy

Gwendolyn Wenli has been practicing yoga for nearly half a decade and is the founder and owner of WabiSabi – Wasabi Yoga group. Her innate fascination with all disciplines that involve physical movement, full concentration on the present moment, and with aesthetics led her to study jazz dance, karate, tea ceremony and Japanese harp during her 8 years in Japan, where she graduated from the Bunka Joshi University.

After returning to Singapore, she found herself restless in her career in the corporate worlds of finance and telecommunications, and she decided to focus on her passions and discovered yoga. In 2004, she studied with the Bihar school of yoga in Banglore, India, and received a teacher’s certificate. Gwen is also certified with a Diploma in Yoga Therapy. As Yoga emphasizes a healthy spine, she studied the Dorn Spinal Therapy method, and is now also a certified spinal therapist. In addition to Hatha yoga, Gwen practices Vinyasa Yoga.

Yoga appealed to her philosophy of life, which is called Wabi Sabi, a Japanese phrase associated with Japanese Tea Ceremony. Applying the principles of Wabi Sabi to your life is to find the value, wisdom and joy in imperfection, she started one of the most successful Yoga wellness centre in Singapore. She says when we practice yoga, we enhance our body awareness and discover our strengths and weaknesses. When we apply the Wabi Sabi principles, it means accepting our strengths and weaknesses alike, yet keeping ourselves open to self-improvements. This finally gave bith to Wabisabi Institute of Yoga and wellness, Singapore.

Following to that her vision is to make these principles go to each and every house. She also started helping new practitioners to develop the wellness centre and schools to make the yogic science grow. She is one of the most important pillars for Union centre guiding in each and every step.

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