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Master Ganesh

Master Ganesh

master ganesh

Master in Science of Yoga Therapy

%nameMaster Ganesh gets the title of being Master in Science of Yoga Therapy from SVYASA University Bangalore. His mastery is not only in therapy but also in Astana Yoga Mysore where he lived, studied and practiced for refining his skills to world class level. He underwent classical yoga from Dev Sanskriti Viswavidyalaya to understand the roots of yoga and the sutra of yoga.

Master Ganesh is not just educated in Yoga but he is well versed as Shastry and holds the Shastry degree with Sanskrit main language which is also an official language of yoga. His knowledge to understand yoga scriptures through Sanskrit makes him special to that extent that Union Yoga Ayurveda as a school feels proud in giving best yoga teacher training in Singapore.

Master Ganesh has been contributing on Yoga research and workshop. He has presented papers and posters in research and has been awarded for his presentation in yoga. He has been traveling overseas for workshop in inversion workshops, backend workshops along with Horoscope workshop in India and Abroad.

Master Ganesh is RYT from Yoga Alliance, USA for Astanga and Advance Asana from the West, whereas Certified Teacher from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya. He is Master in Science of Yoga Therapy from SVYASA Yoga University.

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