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Kids Yoga Teacher Training Courses (KYTTC)

Kids KYTTC 300x300 “Childhood is the foundation to inculcate good habits for life time.” Union Yoga Ayurveda conducts yoga courses for people of all ages, so they can live a healthy life. It conducts kids yoga teacher training sessions in Singapore to let them live healthy life as well as to develop lifetime skills for holistic living. It helps to boost their self confidence, attain better concentration power and let them learn good habits for healthy living. Yoga classes in Singapore also benefits children with ailments such as asthma and sinusitis and children with special needs. At Union Yoga Ayurveda, we conduct Kids yoga courses in Singapore covering simple yoga practices focusing on gentle workout for strength and balance. There are dual benefits of yoga for kids. It helps your children to get rid of diseases as well as to prevent many diseases. With daily yoga practice, your children will be able to prevent getting into the grip of diseases like sinusitis, obesity, asthma etc. Kids yoga teacher training, Kids yoga classes in Singapore help children to enhance their memory and concentration power and attain better mind-body coordination. Besides, meditation sessions are truly relaxing and stress reliving for children. The institute follows creative and fun approach to make yoga interesting for children. It is a fun way to develop critical physical, mental and psychological skills. SYLLABUS The attractions for the syllabus includes-

  1. Introduction to Yoga & Children health needs
  2. Yoga as a part of Lifestyle
  3. Ego, Anger and Greed management through Yoga
  4. IQ, Memory and Character building through Yoga.
  5. Team spirit, personal body strength and stamina building through Yoga


  • Total credits = 5 credits
  • Total Duration = 95 hrs
    1. Contact hours = 55 hrs (25 hrs theory + 30 hrs Practical)
    2. Non contact hours = 40 hrs (Assignments/Field training/Report Writing + Assessment)


  1. Classroom and KIDS Group arrangement.
  2. Steps and counter pose for personal body strength and stamina building which includes-Yoga Postures, Sun Salutations etc
  3. Yoga Games for Team spirit, IQ, Memory, Ego, Anger and Greed management.


Credits : 2½
Title of topic Title of Sub-topic Units Total hours of Instructions
Introduction Introduction of Yoga
  • Why Yoga?
  • Yoga and Child health
  • Misconceptions of Yoga
Yoga, Competition Today & Health Today Yoga and Lifestyle
  • Current Children lifestyle and its side effects
  • Prakruti & Vikruti (Body type) analysis of Kids
  • Diet plan as per body type for Kids
  • Yoga and IQ, Memory
  • Yoga and Anger, Greed management
  • Yoga and Team building, Stamina, Height growth and Muscle strength
  • Yoga for Social relationship development


Credits : 2½


Title of the Topic Total hours of Instructions
Breathing Practices
Loosening Practices
Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutations) 15
Pranayama Meditation
Cleansing Technique (Detox Techniques)
Moral Science Stories
Yoga Games 15


For Courses

Before signing up for the course, please have a preview of course from our trainers and understand full schedule and syllabus and rules – regulation etc. Website, brochure are information materials for public and if in case you have not read the same then school is not responsible for your ignorance and negligence.

Signing up the course form is a declaration that you have understood all criteria and you are aware of the all pros and cons of the course and with your full awareness, you are signing up for the course. You will not be able to get any refund or transfer of fees at any point of time during the course.

For Yoga class / Therapy / Training

All kind of Yoga Ayurveda teaching, training and therapy can cause certain injuries.

Signing up for the course / class / therapy means that you are aware of the probable injuries.

Union Yoga Ayurveda (Union Centre Pte Ltd) and it’s staff are not liable or responsible for any injuries caused during the session which are visible or not visible, physical or hormonal or mental.

You as client take full responsibility of your own decision and will not claim any kind of compensation in terms of money or any resources for the damage caused because of due process.

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