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Adenoids occurs commonly in children and is associated with tonsillitis. The symptoms of adenoiditis are the same as chronic cold with running nose excessive sneezing and blocking of nose associated with fever. If the child does not improve in 3 to 4 days it may require a course of antibiotic. Repeated episodes of adenoiditis leads to chronic ill health, poor academic performance, loss of weight and slowing down of physical growth. Another major problem of children with chronic adenoiditis is persistent nose blockage that results in mouth breathing which can even lead to remolding of the shape of the jaw bones which are in the process of growth.

What is adenoid glad?

Adenoids is one of the gate keepers of the throat similar to tonsils. This gland is situated in the centre just behind the nose in uppermost part of the throat which tonsils are situated on the two sides of the lower part of the throat behind the tongue. They contain white blood cells (lymphocytes) which can recognize and fight any foreign dangerous enemy cells such as bacteria or viruses that may enter the body through the air we breathe in or the food we eat. Although this happens unnoticed every day in all of us, as a regular scavenging process it may end up with an active fight (inflammation) disturbing the entire personality just like border security force may declare war now and then when the whole country (Pura) gets toknow that there is a big invasion. (pura=country or city – the body, Purusha=the person who resides in the city or the body).

This inflammation is termed adenoiditis. If this happens repeatedly it is called chronic adenoiditis.

Why chronic adenoiditis?

Repeated episodes of inflammation (war) may happen if the enemies are too may or too strong or white blood cells (WBCs – our soldiers in adenoids) are too weak. This cells for recruitment of more WBCs to the adenoids so that the war can be successfully handled. Hence chronic swelling and enlargement of adenoids. In this process, body’s nutritional resources are tampered which results in poor growth of the child.

What can yoga do for chronic adenoids?

Yoga has the ability to completely cure this condition and normalize the positive health of the child by increasing the fighting power of the WBCs. Which can successfully get rid of the enemies in a short time.

What practices are useful?

The child has to practice 25 minutes of physical practices 15 minutes of breathing techniques followed by 10 minutes of Deep relaxation. They include

  1. Loosening exercise – Jogging (50 counts), jumping(20 counts). Fast forward backward bending with Jerky exhalation (20 counts) and twisting (20 counts).
  2. Dynamic suryanamaskaras 10 counts(24rounds) with Mukha dhouti 3 times in between.
  3. Maintain  in Sashankasana for 3 mins

This should be followed by Breathing techniques including
a) Kapalabhati 60/min, 6 rounds alternating with slow breathing pranayamas.
b) nadisudhi 9 rounds
c) suryanuloma viloma, 9 rounds
d) bhramari, 9 rounds
e) ujjayi, 9 rounds
f ) simha mudra with loud roaring , 5 rounds and
g) DRT- 10 mins with breathing, chanting A,U,M and Om and imagery of sky to expand and let go

How does Yoga help?

Yoga help by giving very deep rest to the soldiers’ (WBC) in all parts of the body in general and those in adenoids and tonsils in particular. Once rested they become more efficient. This is the secret of Karma Yoga. When WB cells can rests deeper and deeper, they get rejuvenated and function more effectively. The level of rest achieved should be experienced at the end of each session daily as a very refreshing relaxation, slow breathing and clear cool calm mind free from anger, fear or agitation in the child.

PADMA PINDASANA – Double Closed LotusUntitled 3 300x200

Starting Position: Padma Sarvangasana

Come into Padma Sarvangasana and slowly bring the legs towards the head until the knees touch the floor beside the ears. Support the back with the hands. Relax the whole body and remain for about 1 minute in this position.

Slowly return to the starting position.

Stretches the relaxes the back and neck muscles. Stimulates the thyroid gland, all abdominal organs and the kidneys. Regulates the breath.


This Asana should not be practiced with problems of the cervical spine, high blood pressure.

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