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Course Profile

  1. Indian Institute of Patanjali Yoga

    Affiliated to Swami Paramhansa Samsthana

    (Under section 44 of MPR act. 1973 05/26/01/0897/10. Govt. of India)


  2. Yoga Alliance, USA- A research based holistic organization

    (An International Yoga Schools Accreditations Organization from USA)

Dr Satyam tripathi

BAMS, MD (Yoga & Rehabilitation)

  • A medical specialist in Yoga and Ayurveda- Qualified as Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Yoga & Rehabilitation from Yoga University.
  • Qualified Ayurveda Physician by being awarded by Bachelors of ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) degree from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore.
  • Accounted 7 publications in International level which includes 2 chapters in books and 5 research publications in peer reviewed Indexed Journals Since Jan 2011.
  • Working as a review editor in 3 peer reviewed International scientific journals.
  • Had a working clinical experience as a Ayurveda-Yoga therapy consultant in a 250 beded research based Yoga-Ayurveda .
  • Trained by the renowned physician of India and in well rated hospitals like- NIMHANS, Chanre Institute of Immunology, Narayana Hrudyalaya etc.


Students’ code of conduct is to maintain a fine ambience of yoga and spiritual lore. Such an atmosphere will help the students to accelerate their growth and total personality development.

  • Please report always at scheduled time.
  • Those who report late by an hour and those who leave early by an hour will be considered only as observers and have to cover the attendance.
  • No leave will be granted for any reason excluding medical emergency.
  • To become an institute which trains and educates individuals as best teachers for yoga and Ayurveda principles, with long term field training and internship.
  • Use of tobacco, smoking, alcohol etc in any form is forbidden.
  • Cell phones/mobiles are banned in the Academic Areas.
  • All programmes are compulsory.
  • Yoga is a science and science should not be compared with any religion, its development is a service to mankind. Hence, learning yoga therapy is a training and education of another form of life science.
  • During yoga practice sessions yogāsana dress (professional full body covered yoga uniform, like Kurtä for women with Trouser – Baniyān / T-shirt for men with trouser).
  • Specific toilet requirements. (General basic toiletries will be provided).
  • Writing materials.
  • Yoga uniform and Yoga mat will be provided by school on payment
  • Two passport-size photograph should be submitted by the candidate at the time of admission and another passport size photograph should be pasted on the application form.
  • Marks card and Certificate copies from 10th std. to the highest examination passed to be attested with the application form.
  • Library facility is available for reference.
  • Course fee has to be remitted by DD, NETS or Cash. DD to be drawn in favour of Union Centre Pte. Ltd.

Please Note: Course fee is not refundable or transferable under any circumstances

  • Selfless work, forgetting one’s ego and relinquishing the desire for reward, brings immense mental peace and satisfaction. It expands one’s consciousness and relieves mental tension, which is the primal cause of most of the problems, we face. Hence voluntary work forms a part of the integral Yoga. The students and clients, therefore, should develop the proper attitude to enjoy self-help and serve others of the organization, for their own benefits.
For Courses

Before signing up for the course, please have a preview of course from our trainers and understand full schedule and syllabus and rules – regulation etc. Website, brochure are information materials for public and if in case you have not read the same then school is not responsible for your ignorance and negligence.

Signing up the course form is a declaration that you have understood all criteria and you are aware of the all pros and cons of the course and with your full awareness, you are signing up for the course. You will not be able to get any refund or transfer of fees at any point of time during the course.

For Yoga class / Therapy / Training

All kind of Yoga Ayurveda teaching, training and therapy can cause certain injuries.

Signing up for the course / class / therapy means that you are aware of the probable injuries.

Union Yoga Ayurveda (Union Centre Pte Ltd) and it’s staff are not liable or responsible for any injuries caused during the session which are visible or not visible, physical or hormonal or mental.

You as client take full responsibility of your own decision and will not claim any kind of compensation in terms of money or any resources for the damage caused because of due process.

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